Big Changes Coming Soon!!!


You may not have known this, but Dianasaur Dishes has actually been under construction for the past year. In fact, this is such a big renovation project that you may not even recognize the site the next time you visit. Don’t worry, all your favorite recipes will still be here, but we’re talking new name, new url and a NEW LOOK! I’m so excited for this change because it means that we’ve outgrown the little site that just started as a place for me to keep track of my recipes (which other people just happened to read).

The new site will be SO much easier to navigate and you’ll be able to easily search for recipes by category and ingredient. There will still be delicious, easy, healthy and affordable recipes posted regularly. But I’ll also start featuring more content such as giveaways, gardening posts, photography and blogging tips, and (my personal favorite) VIDEOS!

I’m really excited for the new changes so wanted to give you, my faithful readers, a heads up. The next time you navigate to Dianasaur Dishes you may see a whole new site. Don’t be alarmed! You’ll still see my cheerful face smiling out at you. I’m a fan of change and can’t wait to share this one with all of you. Thanks for sticking around during the “construction”!

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