Poached Egg and Asparagus Recipe

Yesterday I promised you my first poached egg recipe, and today I deliver!  I could not get the idea of poached eggs and asparagus out of my head.  I don’t think I’ve ever had the two together before, but after the massive success of the asparagus frittata, I knew eggs and asparagus are definitely a happy pairing.  So it just made sense to try using poached eggs, one of my favorite ways to eat an egg.

Other food bloggers far more experienced than I have tips on how to poach eggs with just a pot and water.  While I’ve had that technique work before, as I mentioned yesterday I’d been dreaming of an easy egg poaching pan to ensure perfect eggs every time.

I love poached eggs for several reasons.  I love the runny yolk that oozes it’s golden sunshine sauce all over your plate and chin.  It’s a perfect excuse for a slice of buttered toast that can sop up the cheerful goo!  I also love the jiggly texture of the whites, they’re almost a cross between fried and hardboiled.

Using the poaching pan is simple.  Fill the pan halfway with water and put the insert with the cups over it.  I like to use just a little butter in the egg cups because I love the added flavor and it ensures they don’t stick.  If you have nonstick egg cups you can skip this step if you’d like.  Crack your eggs into the cups and put the pan on a burner on high heat.  The eggs will begin to solidify.  When the whites are solid turn off the heat and gently slip the eggs out of their cups.  You  may need to use a table knife to loosen them around the edges.

This recipe is perfect for two for a light lunch or dinner with a salad, or it’s plenty filling for just one person.  You won’t be disappointed, Eric right now is still talking about how good this was!

Asparagus with Poached Egg Recipe

serves 1-2


10 stalks of roasted asparagus
2 poached eggs
kosher salt to taste


Lay a bed of roasted asparagus on a plate.  Top with poached egg and sprinkle with kosher salt.  Pierce the egg with a fork to release yolks before serving.

Approximate cost/serving: Cheap!  Eggs are so affordable and right now asparagus is too.  This was only $1.20 for the two of us so 60 cents a person.

Vegetarian/Gluten Free: Yes and yes!

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4 Responses to “Poached Egg and Asparagus Recipe”

  1. rebecca subbiah
    July 1, 2010 at 2:52 pm #

    oh my this looks so so good yummy

  2. newme
    July 1, 2010 at 2:58 pm #

    That sounds delish! You might like it even better with a bit of hollandaise sauce drizzled on top.

  3. Christa aka Never teh Bride
    July 2, 2010 at 1:31 pm #

    Oh my gosh, I didn’t realize you were still blogging! I love a good recipe blog (and we definitely live on a shoestring!), so here’s me bookmarking you :) Obviously you’re not in the market for wedding info anymore, but feel free to check out my personal blog: http://howbabbyformed.blogspot.com/

    Glad to see you’re loving life!


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