Zucchini Pancakes

These savory zucchini pancakes are made with garlic, feta cheese, scallions, dried herbs, flour, and eggs. Also known, as zucchini fritters, you’ll love this crispy flavorful side dish that’s perfect … Read more

Panko and Feta Zucchini Fritters

I know, I’ve shared zucchini fritters or pancakes on more than one occasion.  But this time I made it all with fresh ingredients and the taste is even better!  In … Read more

A real vegetarian meal

It worked! We had our first complete vegetarian meal and Eric really liked it. There were four different parts to the meal. Stuffed Mushrooms, Tomato and Romaine Salad on a … Read more

Eating Vegetarian (almost)

Eric is one of the typical men who feel that dinner just isn’t right without meat. I can understand, that’s how we were brought up, there’s always some kind of … Read more

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