Apple Cabbage Cole Slaw Recipe

This apple cabbage cole slaw recipe is mayonnaise free thanks to a creamy apple cider vinegar dressing. Here’s the cabbage salad I promised you last week.  I figure most people … Read more

Asian Pear Cranberry Curry Chutney Quinoa and How to Make a Recipe

Quinoa Cranberry Curry Chutney

I’m finishing up more event posts from the Foodbuzz Blogger Festival and some events with my friend Jaden in Seattle, but wanted to share a recipe with you in the meantime.  A lot of people have asked me lately if I make up the recipes on my blog.  Unless I specifically credit another author, I develop the recipes myself.  It’s actually not that hard, I just kind of look at what I have on hand to work with, then smell and taste as I go until it’s something that I like. I thought I’d share my CRAZY thought process with you, so here’s a look into how to create a recipe.

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