Fresh Greens with Buttermilk Salad Dressing in Parmesan Lace Bowls

Oh man, we have greens coming out of our ears! I’m not complaining though. I love fresh greens and usually don’t get to eat as much of them as I’d like. In a grocery store it’s typically cheapest to just buy some heads of romaine and a bag of spinach. Once in a while when they’re on sale we’ll get a bag of mixed greens, but even that only has about 3 different kinds. With our CSA we are getting tons of variety, and it’s awesome! Here’s just some of them (that I actually know name of): 2 kinds of spinach, frisee, butter, red leaf, oh man there’s so much more I can’t remember. I’m getting to be really creative with making my own salad dressings and playing with other salad ingredients. One of the best ideas I had was making my own buttermilk dressing and serving it in a parmesan cheese bowl. Have you ever made a bowl out of parmesan cheese? It’s shockingly easy. I’ll explain it in the recipe below but one nice thing is the only ingredient you need is the cheese.

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