This super moist healthy carrot cake recipe uses whole ingredients and gets its moist texture from a special ingredient. From

Super Moist Healthy Carrot Cake Recipe

This super moist healthy carrot cake recipe uses whole ingredients, and gets its unique texture from special ingredient. Pineapple! I decided it was three year old Corban’s turn to take over as … Read more

Daffodil cake pops tutorial -

Daffodil Cake Pops Tutorial

Spring has sprung, and I have a new variety of daffodil in my garden. You won’t find bulbs for these in any store, because they’re cake pops! I won’t claim … Read more

Happy 4th of July cake!!!

I am so in love with this cake.  It’s perfect for the 4th of July, every slice is a little American flag that will bring oohs and aahs at your Independence Day picnic, potluck or barbecue.  I can’t take credit for the construction idea, it’s the brain child of Elissa (well her father’s idea actually).  You have to check out her blog, she’s the greatest 17 year old baker and blogger I’ve seen.    Anyway, I have only baked a couple cakes from scratch, and never a regular white cake, so decided it was time to experiment.  My experiments in baking have become so successful, I’m less and less afraid to do it.  I made the recipe below three times, once with no food coloring, once with blue and once with red.  My only food coloring was the gel kind which always comes out pastel, if you can get darker, go for it.

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