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Cheese Mummy: The Best Halloween Party Recipe

Cheese Mummy: The Best Halloween Party Recipe

This cheese mummy recipe was originally posted in 2010. We’ve polished it up a bit and are sharing it again while we work on some posts about our incredible time running Food Blog University in Cancun. Have a wonderful Halloween and we’ll see you Sunday! […]

Cute Kid Snack Recipe: Christmas Wreath Bagel

Cute Kid Snack Recipe: Christmas Wreath Bagel

There’s something about being a mom that has made me fall in love with cute snacks for kids. No, it doesn’t matter that my son isn’t old enough to eat any of them, well except the Boonanas. If it’s cute, and edible, I want to […]

Easy Cheese Spread Recipe

Every home cook needs a secret weapon in her freezer.  No I don’t mean an ice dagger (although I do happen to have one hanging off the ceiling of my standing freezer).  I’m talking about a special recipe that can fill a variety of needs.  […]

Tomato Basil Chicken Roulade Recipe

Chicken roulade never fails to impress.  When it was roasting in the oven, Eric wandered the house saying, “Wow, it smells so good!”  Once you slice it into little spiraled coins of chicken and serve it, everyone says “Ooooh!” and thinks you spent hours on […]

Cauliflower Macaroni and Cheese Recipe

I’ve avoided writing about what’s going on in Japan.  I want this site to be fun, informative and full of joy.  Yet it’s hard to make your writing cheerful when your heart is breaking.  I was planning a lighthearted post on picky eaters and vegetables, […]

Sriracha Smoked Oyster Appetizer

Being sick is no fun.  Since moving to Washington I have gotten terribly sick every February, we’re talking bronchitis, pneumonia out of work for weeks sick.  After four years of this, I’ve said “ENOUGH!”.  This February I’ve worked hard to eat right, exercise, wash hands […]

Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies for Valentine’s Day

I LOVE red velvet cake. Eric doesn’t get it, “Isn’t it just chocolate cake with red food coloring?”  That may be so, but I still swoon over pictures of it every time.  That’s why when I saw pictures of red velvet sandwich cookies, I had […]

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Spread

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Spread

I’m a sucker for pumpkin cheesecake, it’s one of the few desserts that I have true difficulty resisting.  I don’t have a big sweet tooth but I’m quite the cheese addict and I love pumpkin recipes, put the two together and common sense goes out […]