Bacon Wrapped Scallops Baked with Maple Cream Sauce

Bacon Wrapped Scallops Baked With Cream Sauce

Bacon wrapped scallops baked in the oven are topped with a Dijon maple cream sauce for an impressive  scallop appetizer. You won’t believe how easy these low carb baked scallops really are!

This cake batter ice cream recipe doesn't require any cooking. Simply mix and churn for amazing ice cream that tastes just like birthday cake! From

Cake Batter Ice Cream Recipe

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This easy no bake yule log cake is the perfect Christmas dessert to make with your kids. Just 5 ingredients! Part of #MiniChefMondays on

No Bake Yule Log Cake Recipe

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Orange and Cinnamon Poached Pears with Chocolate Ganache


Poached pears have always seemed a little scandalous to me.  Pale, tender, curvaceous pears slip their clingy skins to skinny dip in a syrupy concoction, then brazenly pose on a little plate in all of their glory.  They’re like the Victoria Secret models of the fruit dessert world.  Fortunately, they’re completely family friendly and perfectly safe to share with children and husbands alike.  They’re a great way to whip up a simple dessert and you can find poached pear recipes from the simplest (simmered in a plain simple syrup) to the extravagant (simmered in wine with exotic spices).  When I’m feeling extra indulgent, I like to drizzle mine with chocolate ganache.

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