Plate Thai Ground Beef with Peppers and Carrots over rice

Thai Ground Beef Recipe with Mint, Carrots, and Peppers

Tired of boring ground beef recipes? This Thai ground beef recipe is a quick and easy dinner idea, and super kid friendly. It’s also gluten free and simple to make paleo. Plus learn how to make your own toasted rice powder!

Asian Burger Recipe

Umami.  Say it with me…Oo-mom-ee.  That’s right, the oh so desirable savory taste that needed it’s own Umami International Symposium in Hawaii to ensure it’s recognition as one of the … Read more

Carrot Zucchini Stir Fry Recipe

The two vegetables we’re getting a lot of in our CSA right now are carrots and zucchini.  That’s just fine with me because I have SO many fun ways to use them.  Tonight I’m going to bake some carrot zucchini bread, and last night we had the fastest stir fry ever.  Seriously!  The rice took 20 minutes, but once it was done I whipped up this stir fry in less than five minutes,  in fact the entire meal was ready in under half an hour.

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Thai Recipe: Son In Law Eggs

This Thai recipe for Son In Law Eggs is one of my favorite ways to use boiled eggs.  It’s a pretty unique boiled egg recipe that most Americans don’t know about.  The first time I made them for my husband he literally yelled “WOW!” at how good they are.  Although this isn’t a completely authentic Thai recipe, it’s really close and easy enough for any home cook to make.

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