Chinese Roast Goose Recipe

A couple months ago I was given 3 frozen geese by the local food bank to try and come up with recipes on how to cook them.  The geese were … Read more

Pork Chops with Buttermilk Gravy

fast easy porkchop recipeI haven’t had a pork chop since I was a little girl.  For years I thought I was allergic to pork, until my friend Elise suggested I try organic pork.  Sure enough, no headache, nausea, or ugly rash!  Apparently some hormone or antibiotic used in pork is what causes my allergic reaction.  So just in the past 6 months have a started buying pork to cook with. This is my first time making pork chops and OH BABY!  I was moaning with pleasure with every bite.  I don’t know how I went so long without eating these!

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