A Persian Meal in Honor of Iran Election Protesters

Last week I decided to make a Persian inspired dish in honor of the people of Iran fighting and dying for freedom. I say Persian inspired because I used Panko instead of regular bread crumbs, not traditional in Iranian cooking but I love them so much!  I’ve had several meals cooked for me by my friend’s Iranian mother before, but I still did some research before planning my meal.  Oh man was it worth it!  First we had Salad-e shirazi, a salad of tomato, cucumber and red onion with lime juice and mint.  I remember being told this is a favorite summertime dish and I can see why.  I didn’t go as traditional as making my own flat bread either, instead getting some pita at the store.  I made my favorite hummus recipe, and then came the kebabs.  Talk about flavorful!  These are Kabab Kubideh, which can be made with beef or lamb, I used beef since we’re trying out some ground beef from a local farm and I really wanted to use it in a recipe where the beef flavor shines through.  The secret to these kebabs…

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