Rustic Berry Hand Pies for the Pie Party


Today is the all new International holiday, Pie Party!  Okay it’s not actually an International holiday, it’s an idea dreamed up by some friends of mine on Twitter.  We all love pie, and want to help people get over their fear of making pie.  So it was decided that July 5 should be a Pie Party, where everyone posts a photo of a pie they’ve made.  I’ve been working on a rustic healthy pie recipe using fresh ground whole wheat and organic sucanat.  It took a few attempts, but I’ve finally created an easy pie recipe that is good for you, tasty, and looks good messy!

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Tropical Fruit Ice Cubes, Foodportunity, and a Vegan Smoothie

Alright, yesterday was my first day back at work after vacation, I feel like I’m back in the real world again.  Not so fun, but necessary.  Two things that can help you get through vacation rebound?  Reliving your time off through photos, and refreshingly tropical treats.  I’ll have some posts over the next couple weeks about our vacation interspersed with regular recipes.  To kick off the post vacation posts, I’ve got some photos from Foodportunity, a neat idea of freezing tropical fruit puree that I got from Kiran (Help, I saw this idea on someone’s blog who commented here recently but didn’t bookmark it you made popscicles and called them lollies, let me know so I can link to you!), and the amazing and incredible vegan smoothie I made with the fruity ice cubes.

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