Spam fried rice dinner

Fried Rice Recipe

Hawaiian SPAM fried rice is a go to comfort food for locals living in other parts of the world. Fried rice is easy to make, with common ingredients, and tastes just like home. Our fried rice recipe include tips on how to make fried rice with any meat or veggies on hand, even vegan and gluten free!


Vegan Gluten Free Coleslaw Recipe


What a month it’s been!  The past two weeks I’ve been working several ten to twelve hour days for my regular job, plus teaching four cooking classes.  Oh and let’s not forget the birthday parties, potlucks, family events and fundraisers.  I’m lucky if I have enough energy to take a shower before I crawl into bed.  I’m sure you’ve all had a time in your life where you feel like you’re doing a frantic dog paddle just to keep your head above water.  So when you suddenly realize that in four hours you’re supposed to bring a salad to share for a potluck filled with people who have various dietary needs, you need a recipe that can be thrown together quickly with very little work.  For me, this coleslaw is that recipe.The family event we were attending had people with diabetes, lactose and/or gluten intolerance, and vegetarians.  This meant no creamy or mayonnaise dressings, and no honey or sugar in the dressing. It of course meant no bacon, an easy way to boost flavor in salads.  But the hardest part for me was that winter just ended and it’s not really salad season yet, which makes it hard to put together a tasty one for twenty or more people on a budget.

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Whole Grain Shells and Cheese Recipe and $100 Amazon Giveaway


When I was a child, my number-one requested dinner was shells and cheese. I loved the day-glo yellow cheeselike product that smothered the tuna and peas my mother mixed in, her attempt to add some nutritional value. I found the little shell pasta perfectly shaped to hold pools of sauce, and could eat three servings in one sitting. Unfortunately, as an adult, no matter how fondly I remember this popular kids’ meal, the reality just doesn’t measure up. I don’t know if the formula has changed or if my tastes have grown more sophisticated, but the same processed meal no longer satisfies and actually makes me feel a little sick. So of course I’ve been on a quest to create a healthy homemade version of this childhood favorite. I’ve learned that a simple butter roux makes a great base for a homemade cheese sauce. But I’ve spent quite some time searching for the perfect whole grain pasta shells. Imagine my excitement when I was offered an opportunity to review Barilla® Whole Grain pasta and opened my package to find a box of whole grain shells shining out at me like a beacon from the depths of packing paper and cardboard.

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Vegetable Barley Soup

Vegetable Barley Soup Recipe (Vegan!)

It’s raining again.  That’s typical for spring in the Pacific Northwest.  We really have two seasons, rainy and summer.  I’m so anxious for my vegetables to grow and it’s tough … Read more

Turkey Barley Soup Recipe

This is one of the cheapest soups you can make!  Using the leftover turkey carcass from your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner to make turkey stock, and filling the soup with torn up turkey scraps makes this very affordable.  Add in some really low cost ingredients like barley, carrots, celery and peas and you have a hearty winter soup recipe that will help your budget last until you pay off the Christmas debt!

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