Instant Pot Lentil Soup Recipe

Instant Pot Lentil Soup with Sausage

Instant Pot Lentil Soup is an easy, hearty, comforting meal. But the best part is how fast and easy it is to make. Simply toss everything in the Instant Pot, and you’ll have amazing lentil soup in about 30 minutes. This Instant Pot Soup is both gluten free and dairy free as well.

Garlic and Herb Oven Fries Recipe


I have a tendency to be a sucker for french fries.  I never buy them because a whole serving of fries is just too greasy and makes me feel sick.  But when I’m with someone who buys some, I can’t help myself.  I always ask, and they always say yes, and I always eat some.  I savor every salty bite, slathered in ketchup (and mustard), then lick every last bit of salt from my greasy fingertips.  Fortunately there’s a healthier option to french fries that I can eat more than my fair share of.  We make oven fries at least once a week, and this version is my favorite.

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The Only Way I Can Get My Husband to Eat Beets

Our CSA is sadly drawing to a close.  We’re taking it week by week seeing what’s still available, rather than having a specific end date.  Our Monday pick up was amazing, and I’ll be sharing it with you soon, but as I looked back over my meal photos, I realized there’s still a lot of our CSA bounty I haven’t shared with you.  Like the one and only way I can get Eric to eat beets.  Perhaps, like me, you’ve been trying to figure out how to get a beet hater to eat beets.  I’ve tried several beet recipes, even sneaking beets into food, but this beet and potato roesti (or pancake) is the only thing he’s eaten more than one bite of.  Each recipe I try leads Eric to ask “Why eat beets?  Can’t we just throw them away when we get them in our CSA?”

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Deviled Potato Bites

We have been getting a ton of potatoes from our CSA, and as I looked at the pretty little red and blue/purple potatoes, I decided I needed to do something that showed off their colors.  I just cut several of them in half and boiled them, then scooped out the centers.  I wasn’t sure what to fill them with and thought about several different things, then thought, “why not fill them with themselves?”  Kind of like a deviled egg.  I decided to separate the blue and red potato filling and am glad that I did.  When I tried mixing the ingredients in the blue potato mash, it turned an ugly muddy color.  So I used a couple whole red potatoes (no skin) to make enough filling.  These are perfect pupus (appetizers) for a party, a great snack, or side dish.  Once we even had them for a small dinner!  They’re also a great substitute for potato salad at a BBQ.

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