Prosciutto Broccoli and Spinach Pizza Recipe


In our house, Friday night is pizza night.  It’s not set in stone, sometimes we get a pizza craving on a different night, sometimes we’re not in the mood.  But the nice thing about planning on pizza once a week, is that we come up with all sorts of fantastic combinations depending on what’s in our fridge.  Last week’s pizza was such a winner, we’re making it again this week!  This recipe packs a healthy green punch with lots of spinach and broccoli, but don’t worry, it doesn’t taste healthy!  

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Easy Kale Recipe for a Hearty Winter Casserole

I’m always excited to come up with new kale recipes.  This time of year it’s the only local leafy green I can get.  I used to see it in the store but never buy it because I wasn’t sure how to prepare kale, but I finally let my sense of adventure take over, and now when I buy kale I get excited as I think of the possibilities.  This kale casserole is what I consider one of my southern recipes, and was one of the side dishes I serve at my local and seasonal Christmas party because it’s so simple to make.

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