Rich and Creamy Carrot Soup

Have you ever heard of rainbow carrots?  I hadn’t until I found out we would get some in our CSA.  As we walked the rows our very first week, when there was nothing but rhubarb and greens, Nels and Becky told us what each plant would be and we laughed when they said rainbow carrots.  “Rainbow?”  “Yep, not just orange, rainbow.”  I promptly forgot that little bit of information until we got our first carrots a couple weeks ago and they came in a myriad of pretty colors.  I decided that since my swiss chard soup was such a huge success, I’d try making soup with carrots too.  This carrot soup was so creamy and rich, you’d think it was full of tons of butter and cream, but it’s not!  Just 1/2 TBS butter and 2% milk.  So it’s rich and healthy.

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