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Strawberry Conserve Recipe

This strawberry conserve recipe is a soft set jam with whole berries and a great way to preserve summer’s strawberries. You won’t believe how easy it is! After picking a ton of strawberries a week and a half ago, I put the word out on […]

Chimmichurri Sauce Recipe

Chimichurri sauce is a condiment or relish (typically green though sometimes red from the addition of red peppers) that is very popular with steak in Argentina.  It’s also used as a marinade for beef or chicken.  Argentina is the world’s second highest consumer of beef, and it’s usually served with this […]

Rhubarb Compote Recipe

We lost our kitty on Monday.  One day I’ll be able to write a great post about it, but for now the wound is too fresh.  I will post a breakfast recipe in his honor though.  Every morning the first thing I’d do was say […]

Potsticker Sauce Recipe

Potsticker Sauce Recipe

This potsticker sauce is salty, spicy, tangy and perfect for dipping Asian dumplings, gyoza, potstickers, egg rolls, wontons, mandoo or anything else!

Goat Cheese Kale and Spinach Pasta Recipe

Since kale is my best growing crop (I just planted some in the ground and ignored them, a year later they’re still huge!) I’m always on the lookout for ways to use it.  I love kale chips and the sinfully rich kale casserole, but our […]