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Vegan Tropical Green Smoothie Recipe

This vegan green smoothie combines tropical mango with spinach, bananas, and your favorite dairy free milk for a tropical smoothie that takes you straight to the islands! Listen. Can you … Read more

Lactose Free Green Smoothie Recipe

One of my absolute favorite things to make for a fast healthy breakfast is a smoothie.  I love the flavor, color, and health value of green smoothies in particular because a lot of people don’t get enough leafy greens in their diet.  This lactose free smoothie is a nutritional powerhouse with vitamin rich spinach and kale, antioxidant  filled blueberries, a potassium packed banana and a generous cup of Lactaid milk!

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Tropical Fruit Ice Cubes, Foodportunity, and a Vegan Smoothie

Alright, yesterday was my first day back at work after vacation, I feel like I’m back in the real world again.  Not so fun, but necessary.  Two things that can help you get through vacation rebound?  Reliving your time off through photos, and refreshingly tropical treats.  I’ll have some posts over the next couple weeks about our vacation interspersed with regular recipes.  To kick off the post vacation posts, I’ve got some photos from Foodportunity, a neat idea of freezing tropical fruit puree that I got from Kiran (Help, I saw this idea on someone’s blog who commented here recently but didn’t bookmark it you made popscicles and called them lollies, let me know so I can link to you!), and the amazing and incredible vegan smoothie I made with the fruity ice cubes.

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Green Smoothies: A Tasty Way to Get Your Greens

I’ve mentioned before that we’re getting a ton of greens in our CSA.  On the Cooking Away My CSA group message board, several people have mentioned green smoothies.  I’ve made lots of fruit smoothies, and although the idea of a green smoothie sounds strange, I’ve had Superfood before and thought it delicious.  I decided to go tropical with this one to bring me back to my Hawaii roots.  I realize mango and banana aren’t at all local, but hey, the spinach is fresh picked organic from a farm up the road, so I don’t feel so bad about including two of my favorite fruits.  Green smoothies are incredibly good for you, I got more spinach in one smoothie than I do in a meal.

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