Easy alphabet kids snacks create a fun edible learning experience and preschool reading introduction. These raisin ants teach kids that A is for Ant. From EatingRichly.com.

Alphabet Kids Snacks: A is for Ant

Alphabet kids snacks are a great way to create a fun edible learning experience AND provide an introduction to reading for preschoolers. Whether your child is just learning their ABCs, or ready … Read more

Chicken Pasta Recipe with Lemon Parmesan Sauce (on a Food Stamp Budget)

Today’s Hunger Challenge recipe is a simple chicken pasta recipe with juicy bites of pan fried chicken, peas that burst in your mouth with sweetness, and a rich creamy parmesan sauce that’s so much healthier than it tastes.  Oh and good news: I no longer feel sick and can actually eat it!  There were definitely some things that I did differently for this recipe because of being on a food stamp budget.

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Pork Chop Recipe for Spaghetti

Leftover recipes! In my house that’s something there’s never enough of.  Eric doesn’t like eating leftovers, but if I turn them into another dish, he doesn’t know they’re leftovers, and I can save tons of money in our food budget by re-purposing leftover food.  I love making leftover pork chop recipes because pork chops are SO CHEAP!

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