Spam fried rice dinner

Fried Rice Recipe

Hawaiian SPAM fried rice is a go to comfort food for locals living in other parts of the world. Fried rice is easy to make, with common ingredients, and tastes just like home. Our fried rice recipe include tips on how to make fried rice with any meat or veggies on hand, even vegan and gluten free!

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

Everyone should know how to boil an egg, it’s a cooking basic right?  Or maybe not.  Several years ago in Hawaii I wanted to boil some eggs for tuna salad.  I suddenly realized that whenever I’d done it at home, I had a nifty little boiled egg timer that my mom used.  With no timer, and no money to buy one, I turned to the one source I knew could tell me how long to boil an egg.  I called my mom!

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Stir Fry Recipe: Exotic Eating On a Food Stamp Budget

Asian recipes are probably my favorite to come up with.  Growing up in Hawaii gave me a huge craving for Asian food, and a wealth of knowledge from my aunties, uncles, and tutus (those are grandmas by the way!) of multiple Asian ethnicities.  They’re also great on a budget because with rice and noodles in the recipe, it’s easier to stretch your more expensive ingredients like meat and produce.

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Chicken Pasta Recipe with Lemon Parmesan Sauce (on a Food Stamp Budget)

Today’s Hunger Challenge recipe is a simple chicken pasta recipe with juicy bites of pan fried chicken, peas that burst in your mouth with sweetness, and a rich creamy parmesan sauce that’s so much healthier than it tastes.  Oh and good news: I no longer feel sick and can actually eat it!  There were definitely some things that I did differently for this recipe because of being on a food stamp budget.

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