Rainbow Cheesecake Recipe

Rainbow Cheesecake Recipe

This Rainbow Cheesecake Recipe is a gelatin free, no bake cheesecake, perfect for any rainbow themed party. It’s as much fun to make as it is to eat!

Vietnamese Coffee Eggnog Smoothie and Vietnamese Coffee Chocolate Cookies

thai coffee eggnong cookies blog size

Thai coffee eggnog smoothie with Thai Coffee Chocolate Cookies

I’ve been wanting a Vietnamese coffee pot or press for about 10 years and never bought one for some reason.  But as I mentioned in my sushi post, I got a giftcard to AsianFoodGrocer and was thrilled when I saw their Vietnamese coffee set.  In fact it was the first thing I put in my virtual shopping cart.  If you’ve never had Thai coffee, or had it but never made your own, don’t be silly like me and wait 10 years to get a pot!  In case you’re unsure, let me show you how to make Thai Coffee, and then I’ll give you not one but TWO recipes using Vietnamese Coffee, because I can’t stop at just coffee.

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