Affordable Fancy Romantic Valentine’s Food

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Okay, I know it’s a couple days early, but I wanted to share some romantic Valentines Day dinner recipes for you in time to get your ingredients ready.  Guys, if you’re looking for easy romantic recipes for your loved one, this is the place!  She’ll be amazed at your prowess in the kitchen.  Oh yeah, and it’s CHEAP!  But she won’t think you’re skimping out if you make her a meal like this.

3 keys to wowing your gal with a romantic dinner:

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Raspberry Chocolate Tart Recipe: The Perfect Valentine’s Day Dessert

Imagine a buttery chocolate pastry crust so crisp you hear it snap as you cut into it with the side of a fork.  It’s filled with sweet yet tangy homemade raspberry jam that’s smothered in a rich chocolate ganache filling tasting  like the most expensive chocolate pudding in the world.  The creamy chocolate goodness is topped with plump and juicy raspberries that spurt juice into your mouth with every bite, and finished with the finest dusting of powdered sugar, like the sprinkling of the last snow of the season.

Now stop imagining, because I promise, you can make this!

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