Leftover Steak Tacos Recipe

I hesitate to even call this a steak taco recipe because it’s SO simple.  But readers are always asking me for tips on using up leftovers, and this is one of my favorite ways.  We don’t usually have leftover steak since Eric and I typically split a steak between to make it more affordable.  But when I go to my dad’s for a barbecue we almost always get sent home with a bag of steak to play with.  I love using the leftovers in tacos because the result is so fresh that no one would guess your meat is a few days old.

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Korean Recipe for Chicken Thighs

Here’s the promised Korean Chicken Thigh Recipe.   The thighs take only about 5 minutes of prep time and then cook in the oven so you don’t have to stand over the stove to keep an eye on them.  One of my hapa (part Asian) friends in Hawaii had a Korean mom who was a fantastic cook.  These chicken thighs were often marinating in her fridge when I came over, and there was always an extra one if I wanted to stay for dinner!

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