Keep Berries from Spoiling and Blackberry Coulis

One of the biggest money wasters of your food budget is having to throw things away because they go bad before you can eat them.  This can be especially true for fragile produce like berries. Last year Eric and I picked two huge bucketfuls of blackberries, I made one cobbler, and the rest were all covered in mold the next day.  It was so disappointing!  Fortunately, I saw an article in the New York times on thermotherapy before we picked blackberries this year.

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Berries and Cream (the simplest summer dessert)

I’m still on vacation, and recovering from both vacation and our pa’ina on Saturday.  Our apartment is so messy with suitcases, boxes of condiments and seasonings, laundry and bags of dishes all over the place to be unpacked and put away.  Eric and I started the cleaning today, but our apartment is about 87 degrees (with an air conditioner) which is still 10 degrees cooler than outside so we can’t complain too much.  Poor Eric was pouring sweat trying to wash dishes with hot water.  So finally we decided we’d made a good dent and would go to his parents’ house (which is about 75 degrees) to do some laundry and pick berries.  His mom has raspberry and blueberry bushes at the side of the house.

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