How to make sushi at your desk

Eric and I LOVE sushi. Sometime I’ll have to share our favorite sushi restaurant with you. We can’t afford to eat there very often, so I pretty much crave sushi … Read more

Tempura Bites

I don’t deep fry foods very often. Eating too much fried stuff makes me feel sick, I’m just not used to it. I had a worse upset stomach doing disaster … Read more

Homemade Turkey Eggrolls

I love eggrolls, lumpia, mandu, and potstickers. Basically fill something with meat and veggies, fry it and give me a shoyu based sauce to dip it in and I’m a … Read more

Easy way to use leftovers

One of my favorite quick dinners to make is fried rice. There are so many different ways to make it, and the only ingredient you really HAVE to have is … Read more

Asian Steak and Slaw

I am definitely a carnivore, and although I think being a vegetarian or vegan is wonderful, I happen to love meat, in fact steak is my favorite food. So I’m … Read more

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