Dandelion Greens Potato Salad Recipe

“Tra La!  It’s May!  The lovely month of May!  That darling month when everyone throws self control away.”  I’ve always loved musicals.  As a child the magic of Camelot captured … Read more

Foraging: Rose Hip Recipe for Tea

I’ve heard of rose hip tea before, but never been exactly sure what it was.  I always imagined it as something a curvaceous woman named Rose pours out of a pewter tea pot into dainty china cups with matching saucers. But on a weekend getaway at a cabin in Eastern Washington, we were hiking a nearby mountain and came across a bush with lovely pink and orange berries.  “Rose hips!” exclaimed Eric’s mother.  The image of curvy Rose flew from my mind, replaced with the image of Mountain Cabin Diana.  I immediately began plucking the glowing buds from the bush and filling one of my cargo pockets.  “You’ll probably stain your pants,” Eric said.  “I don’t care, I’m foraging!!!”

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