Wanna know how to quick pickle radishes? This step by step video and recipe will give you pickled radishes in just 20 minutes!

How to Quick Pickle Radishes

Wanna know how to quick pickle radishes? This step by step video and recipe will give you pickled radishes in just 20 minutes! This post was originally written in 2014, … Read more


Edible Gardening Resources

I’ve become a bit of a gardening nut over the past year.  I had some good success last year (peas, radishes, green onions, kale, cucumbers, herbs, brussels sprouts, zucchini and … Read more

Maple Orange Carrots Recipe


Eric and I love carrots.  This is a good thing since they’re a much cheaper vegetable than some of our other favorites like asparagus and bell peppers.  This year I wanted to come up with a few more affordable Thanksgiving side dishes.  I’ve been doing a lot with the food bank and talking to their clients about using special ingredients in small amounts to turn ordinary foods into fancy dishes.  These Maple Orange Carrots with Sage are a great example, and go amazingly with roast turkey or chicken!I have to start out by saying that pancake syrup and maple syrup are NOT the same thing.  Pancake syrup is basically corn syrup, pure processed sugary junk food.  Maple syrup is nothing but sap from a maple tree that’s been boiled.  It’s pure and delicious.

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Carrot Top Bouquet


I just had to share this quick tip with you.  I’ve been getting flowers every week from our CSA, but they’re not my only way of bringing freshness into the house.  Whether you grow your own carrots, get them from a farm or from the store with the tops on, don’t toss those tops!   I’ve shared this before but thought it bears repeating.  Even fresh greenery can brighten up a room.

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Fresh Summer Tomatoes and Peas with Shrimp

As a brand new gardener I have been patiently waiting for my very first tomato plants to burst with plump red and golden fruit.  Unfortunately, the weather has not been working with me.  The large amount of rain we had at the beginning of summer really slowed the growth of everyone’s tomatoes.  I have lots of green ones, but I’ve only had three ripen so far.  I really wanted to use my first two tomatoes in a simple dinner that featured their sweet flavor.  With some peas from my garden and shrimp from the freezer, I had just about everything I needed for an easy summer dinner.I’d love to show you some photos of my tomato plants but unfortunately both my favorite lens and my camera are in for repairs. Drat!

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