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Sweet Avocado “Tacos”

*** I have to update this to say that Eric is obsessed with it. He loved it so much and said it’s so delicious. The combo of the sweet avocado and balsamic vinegar with other fruit is apparently addicting and so he’s had some sort of fruit salad with it every day!

Do you notice anything strange about the taco above? Well the most obvious is that the tomatoes are really strawberries. Actually the only thing in that taco that is as it appears is the guacamole is actually made from avocados!

I stumbled across Chou’s Superfood Challenge #1 while visiting her Daring Baker post. I eat a lot of avocados, and although I have had them in a dessert before, it’s not something I’ve ever done myself. I decided I had to participate in this challenge. In Hawaii I had an avocado dip for fruit that was absolutely delicious. I knew I could easily figure that out, but I didn’t want to be so simple. I had two basic ideas, one was something with balsamic vinegar because it is one of my many food obsessions, and I know I like it with other stone fruits so why not avocados? I also decided to include mango because I had one to use up and it has a pit too.

My second basic idea was to use the avocado dip somehow. I realized it would look sort of like guacamole, and then the light bulb went off. Why not make dessert tacos?!! I already knew I could quickly make a tuile and shape it like a taco shell (that’s where I eat my words about probably not making tuiles again, but I only made a quarter recipe). So my plan was hatched and I only had to hope it would both look and taste good.

I decided that to make the “meat” I would make a sugary balsamic vinegar syrup, mix it with ricotta and the some mango chunks to make it, well, chunky. For cheese I took some shredded coconut and stirred it up with some yellow and red food coloring mixed with a little warm water. Then of course the tuile for a taco shell. I’m really excited about how good it looked, and it tasted amazing! Eric was sad I only had two shells. But I think I’ll make a fruit salad with the leftover avocado dip. This actually only took about 30 minutes to make and I would definitely make these for a party sometime.

Sweet Avocado Dip
makes about 1/4 cup

1/2 avocado
1/8 cup sugar
1/4 cup milk
dash of vanilla extract


Cube the avocado and put all the ingredients in a food processor. Process until smooth and creamy. Great with fruit!

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  1. love these!!! would you mind if i made them with the kiddies when it gets a little warmer here in NYC? i’m pretty certain that they would be a hit.

    they’re also really cute!


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