How to Eat Papaya and Papaya Health Benefits

how to eat papaya

In the grocery store last week, I had a life changing moment.  I was walking through the produce section, ignoring the tempting tropical fruit stand, intent on my quest to try and eat locally as often as possible.  Then, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted them.  Five sirens in an ocean of fruit, calling out to me and me alone.  Their song made me blind to everything else around me.  They were five softball sized papayas, not the giant Mexican variety that are readily available on the mainland, but small and beautiful papayas like I grew up with.  I picked one up and cradled it lovingly in my palms.  Minutes must have gone by as I smelled it, squeezed it, whispered to it, “Are you from Hawaii?  Can it really be?”

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How Prepare Butternut Squash Photo Tutorial

See that funny guy up above?  He looks kind of like the start of a balloon animal to me.  He’s a butternut squash and I decided I wanted to try one last week because I don’t think I ever have before.  Don’t let the mild exterior fool you, inside he’s a bright orangey yellow and packed with fiber.  Plus he’s full of nutrients, especially vitamin A, we’re talking 300% your daily value in 1/2 cup of cubed squash.  What a nutrition powerhouse!  Here’s a quick photo tutorial on how to peel and seed the squash, with a recipe soon to follow.

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How to Cut a Mango


In Hawaii I grew up learning how to eat all sorts of tropical fruit in different ways; pineapple, lychee, passion fruit, mango, papaya, avocado, grapefruit, lemons, limes.  If it grew in Hawaii, I ate it.  How I ate or prepared it depended on where I was and what it was for.  If I came across a papaya tree hiking I’d use my knife or a sharp rock to cut the fruit in half, scoop out the seeds with my fingers, and just gnaw it out of the peel.  If we were ravenously pulling lychee off the tree in our church parking lot between Sunday School and the service, I’d just rip the peels off with my fingernails.  But if you’re serving fruit to other people, or at home with kitchen tools, you might want to do it a little neater.  So here’s several different ways, a step by step tutorial, on how to cut a mango.

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