We decided that the blue balloons from our photo shoot would be a good way to tell our kitten and puppy that they would be getting a little brother in a few months.  As you can see, at first Haldir was in total denial and didn’t even want to come out and listen.  Here’s how it went.


“So, when you say these balloons are for my new little brother, does that mean I can’t play with them?”


“Okay, I’m sufficiently entertained, you may speak now.”


“Here’s my first concern, will I like his food?  See my big brother Phurba shares his food and we get along just fine.”


“Wait, does this mean I won’t be the baby any more?”


“But I’ll still be the cutest right?”


“Hmph, we’ll see what I think of him when he arrives. Trust me, I’ll let you know.  For now he owes me this balloon weight for all the stress he’s caused me.”

Things went slightly better with Phurba.


“A baby huh? When will he get here?”


“Okay, whatever, is that a squirrel?”


“Mom, you don’t get me. I’m totally cool with the whole little brother thing. I just really don’t like these balloons.”


“See? They chase me everywhere I go!”


“Please can I kill them Mom?”


“Don’t worry Mommy, I’m killing them for you!”


“Last one to destroy. I will protect you!”


“Haha, threat has been eliminated! Do I get a treat?”

All in all, we think they took it pretty well.  Now if only I could train them to help me wash cloth diapers!

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