Auburn International Festival 2012


This past Saturday was a HUGE day for me.  It was the second annual Auburn International Festival, a City of Auburn event that I was in charge of.  It was the culmination of months of planning, sweat (and yes, even a few tears!).  The past two work weeks have been 60-80 hour weeks for me, but it finally paid off.  Check out some photos from the event and at the end you can see my culinary secret for handling the stress!


















Now, the secret for dealing with long stressful days?


Pickles and ice cream!  No, I didn’t actually eat the two together, but I sure went through a lot of pickles and popsicles and ice cream over the past couple of months.

Also, I am now 17 weeks pregnant, with a baby the size of a turnip and baby bump to match!


This photo was actually taken at 15 weeks but I’d say I’m about the same size, for now!  Hope you enjoyed the visual recap of the festival.  Next post, my favorite recipe for stuffed bell peppers.

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4 thoughts on “Auburn International Festival 2012”

    • Thanks Candice! I’ve seen women who are 8 months pregnant and look like they have a basket ball under their shirt. Then I see pictures of my mom 8 months pregnant looking like she has a beach ball under her shirt. Guessing it will be like mother like daughter!!!

    • Thanks Heather, I always have to take my own photos for these events because I want to make sure they’re really captured the way that I see them. I’m really excited how they turned out! Can’t wait for you to see the bump in person next week, yay sushi and family time!

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