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Bacon Jam Burger Picnic at IFBC

After Penny’s inspiring presentation, she encouraged us to go hunting with our camera at lunch.  We were also assigned a 250 word or less blog post about lunch by Kathleen.  I wasn’t planning to do it, until I was utterly blown away by my awesome meal.  Here’s my post:

I told myself I wouldn’t write another post today, but I can’t help writing about the ethereal burger experience I just had after a visit to the Skillet food truck.  I really just stopped there because they were the first truck I saw that looked ready to serve the army of starving bloggers.  But as a gloved hand attached to a tattooed arm gracefully slipped me a burger, and shyly smiling lips whispered the words “bacon jam”, I became transfixed and could think of nothing else.

I found my own secluded corner for a bacon jam burger picnic.  As other bloggers looked my direction, I reflexively tried to appear larger so that no one would think there was room to join me.

Even holding the burger by the bun, my fingers were quickly coated in a glorious film of grease.  The bright pink of the meat promised a tender bite that was quickly delivered. Sweet bacon jam and pungent cambozola melted my taste buds with happiness.  All too soon the burger was gone.  I gave a deep sigh, reveled in the moment, then returned to the line for seconds.

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3 thoughts on “Bacon Jam Burger Picnic at IFBC”

  1. Great burger and beer shot! I spent too much time waiting in lines but managed to get some decent pics. The food trucks were fabulous, my first exposure to them. Fun conference!



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