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Banana Peach Frappe Recipe

I guess this could be considered a milkshake recipe, or even a smoothie recipe, but calling it a frappe just sounds so sophisticated.  Peach and banana are a perfect combination, and this is a great use for bananas that are turning brown.  Just peel them, cut into a few chunks, and freeze in a ziploc bag until you’re ready to make this.  You can also make it without freezing the banana.

I have fun with the different fruit nectars at our local Latino market.  I can usually get a box like this for under $2.  It’s not 100% juice and has added sugar, so I use it in small amounts for cooking or mixing in things.  Apricot nectar makes a great chicken marinade with some vinegar and salt, guava nectar is amazing in smoothies!

This is a refreshing start to the morning, especially right before going to work on the new house.  Yesterday I tore out the walls around the bathtub.  We finally decided to put in cement walls and tile them, boy am I glad we made that decision!  First of all, as I started pulling the walls away I found mold on the back of a lot of the drywall, so we’ll be scrubbing the 2x4s down and spraying with some anti mold stuff.

Then, as I pulled off the wall with the handles and tub faucet, I found a bunch of torn up newspaper spiraled into a little nest.  “Oh great!” I thought, they used to have a mouse or rat in here.  With thoughts of hantavirus running through my head, I donned mask, goggles and gloves, sprayed everything down with bleach water, and began using a paper towel to scoop up poop and nest pieces.  Suddenly…

…I felt something squirming beneath my hand!  I yanked my hand out as I screamed like a little girl!  There was a loud plop as whatever kind of rodent it was jumped down a hole I couldn’t see.  My heart was beating a mile a minute, not because I’m scared of rodents (I’ve had them a pets before), but because I got startled out of my mind!  I immediately rushed off to buy a couple traps because the back of the wall you see there is my kitchen, and I’m not having a mouse or rat that close to my kitchen when I start bringing food in.  Ah, home ownership!

Banana Peach Frappe Recipe

serves 2


1 cup peach nectar
1 brown banana
1/2 cup vanilla frozen yogurt or ice cream
1/4 cup orange juice


Put all ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth.  Optional: garnish glasses with a peach slice.

Approximate cost/serving: only about $1.80 to make the whole thing so 90 cents a glass.

Vegetarian/gluten free: Yes and yes, I wonder if you could even use rice ice cream to make it vegan!

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8 thoughts on “Banana Peach Frappe Recipe”

  1. Eek! Mice?! I hope there aren’t too many of them! Getting the house ready sounds like a ton of work, but it will be so nice when you can move in 🙂
    And that Banana Peach Frappe recipe looks delicious 🙂

  2. My does this bring back memories. Last year I doing the same thing with my new house, though we were also having to live in it while it was getting torn apart! All the hard work will be worth it the first time you get to wake up, take a shower and enjoy a nice hot breakfast in a house you fixed yourself!

  3. The house is looking great….well, it will look great when it is all done. Believe it or not, I was going to have a smoothie for breakfast…now, I HAVE to try this one….yummy sounding. Thanks hon.

  4. Well, I say you feed the mouse to a cat, the cat will be happy, you will be happy…well maybe…but the cat will be happy 😀

    Also this drink looks yummy, I’ll have to get my mom and I to try and make this sometime!

  5. I had ants build a nest in my youngest’s clock radio – major yuck (he is 17 and should know better).

    Think about putting an exhaust fan in now during the renovation as it will help prevent mold from forming in the future. Mold can be tough to get rid of.

    I’m originally from Massachusetts and a frappe has ice cream while a milk shake does not. We just got back from a week road trip. I miss healthy food so this sounds delicious (with ice cream)!

  6. ooh! I always struggle to use all my bananas before they go brown. I often throw them (with the peel still on) into my freezer for banana bread or egg substitutes in Vegan recipes (like french toast). Cutting them up to use in smoothies sounds like a great idea too! I really want to make smoothies more, but the thought of cleaning my blender daily turns me off…lol.

  7. I always associate the word frappe with new england since living there every milkshake was called a frappe and I had never heard the word before. Looks like you have a lot of very rewarding work ahead of you. I can’t wait to watch more of the progress!


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