My Top Ten List of Healthy Travel Snacks

I’m writing this from beautiful Atlanta, Georgia where I’m attending a leadership institute for those of us on teams that have received the Community Transformation Grant from the CDC (Center … Read more


How to Grow Cut Green Onions

grow-green-onions-in-waterOne of my favorite ways to save money on food is by growing it myself.  For the Hunger Challenge, I used green onions in tonight’s stir fry recipe.  I cut them down to their little white nubs, but that didn’t mean I was done with them.  By using this simple method, my fifty cent bunch of green onions can be stretched for months of recipes!  I grow onions in the garden as well, but this is my favorite way to keep them on hand in the kitchen for easy access.

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Hunger Action Week 2012 Kick Off


You may have been expecting another giveaway today, and there is a giveaway from BlogHer and LAND O LAKES®, but this Friday I also wanted to focus on a cause near and dear to my heart. Next week will be United Way of King County’s Hunger Action Week. This is my third year participating in the Hunger Challenge and blogging about my experience, and I’ve been excitedly planning what incredibly healthy and incredibly cheap recipes to cook and share with you. This year my focus will be on bulk bins, fun ingredients like bulgar, quinoa, couscous and dried beans. Ingredients that I had no clue about at the time in my life when I needed them the most.

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Carrot Top Bouquet


I just had to share this quick tip with you.  I’ve been getting flowers every week from our CSA, but they’re not my only way of bringing freshness into the house.  Whether you grow your own carrots, get them from a farm or from the store with the tops on, don’t toss those tops!   I’ve shared this before but thought it bears repeating.  Even fresh greenery can brighten up a room.

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Homemade Laundry Detergent Recipe

As I’m starting to branch out into more money saving advice, not just for food but budgeting in general, I’m excited to share my latest recipe with you.  That looks … Read more

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