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Quick Tip: Saving Butter Wrappers


I have a lot of quirks that have developed out of my need to be frugal. One of them is saving my butter wrappers. Whenever I have softened a stick of butter for baking, I fold the wrapper up and stick it in the freezer. Then, when I need to grease a pan, I pull it out and unfold it. After a few minutes, the butter residue is soft enough that I can use the wrapper to grease my pan. Waste not want not!

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14 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Saving Butter Wrappers”

    • It’s funny you say that Cindy because my husband did throw mine away at first! Once I explained what it was for though he thanked me for all the different ways I try to help us save money.

  1. This tip made me smile, I always remember my mom doing this baking when I was growing up. I always remember it was one of my “jobs” when I was helping out in the kitchen. I still use the butter wrappers to the day!


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