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Cinnamon Honey Oranges

Lori (my friend and co-leader) brought a box of oranges to our High School girls’ Bible study. There were about 15 left at the end and she only wanted a couple, so I took the rest home. I typically prefer my oranges very sweet or very tart, but these were actually a little bitter, so I knew Eric and I wouldn’t finish them all before they went bad unless I made things out of them.

I decided I wanted to serve some for dessert the next night, and wanted to make them a little sweeter, so I thought I’d drizzle them with honey. But that seemed a little too boring, so I threw some cinnamon in for good measure.

They turned out delicious! After we ate them all, I mixed the drippings with some melted butter to make Cinnamon Orange Honey Butter!


2-4 Oranges
1/4 cup honey (approx no need to measure)
1 tsp Cinnamon


Slice oranges and remove the peels. Arrange on a plate.

Melt honey in a heat proof dish in the microwave. (I suggest 30 seconds. I did 40 and it was a little too liquidy.) Stir in cinnamon. Drizzle mixture over oranges. Enjoy!

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