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Could I Be the Next Verity Mom?

Would you help my mommy get an amazing stay at home blogging job by voting for her?

I need your help! While looking into credit unions in our area (finally leaving the unnamed big bank we’ve been with forever), I stumbled upon this contest to be the next Verity Mom. Basically, it’s a one year job blogging and creating videos while still getting to be home with Corban. I’m thrilled at the prospect of a made for me job, but also think I have a lot of skills and fresh ideas to help create community, and promote Verity Credit Union. The more I look into their company, the more I love, and I would be honored to represent them and Seattle area moms for the next year. Below is my application video, about me, and blog post.

I would GREATLY appreciate it if you would go to VerityMom.com and vote for me, Diana Johnson. You can vote once per valid email address, and will not be signed up for any emails unless you opt-in.

Thank you so much for your support my friends!


About Diana

Originally from Hawaii, I’ve now lived in Auburn, Washington area for over 7 years, and am grateful to call the beautiful Pacific Northwest my home. My husband Eric and I have been married for six years, and just had our first baby, Corban, in January. We plan to raise him to be a cool geek like his parents, and think I got things off to a good start by going into labor while we were watching The Hobbit in theaters.

I try hard to be healthy in all areas of my life: physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. I’m FAR from perfect, but seeking to keep learning and growing, and laughing along the way.

One of my biggest passions is my continual quest for eating healthy on a tight budget. I’ve been blogging about it as a hobby for four years now, as well as teaching free cooking classes to low income families all over the Puget Sound area. I love to help people work through their budget, learn about how healthy foods can be affordable, and gain confidence in the kitchen. I’m also a founding member of the Healthy Auburn Taskforce, a part of Feeding America’s blogging council, and have spoken around the country on the importance of community involvement.

I would love to be the next Verity Mom, and really feel that a big part of my role would be building community with other Verity parents, and creating content around your needs. I am thrilled to finally be a member of the parent club, and would be honored to represent Verity Credit Union and Seattle Area parents. If I’m chosen, I really look forward to sharing stories and advice, and hearing yours in return.

Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my entry!

Diana’s blog post

If I had known what a roller coaster of emotion raising a child would be, I would have asked for a stronger seat belt! With the arrival of our first baby a few months ago, my husband and I quickly realized that we are in for a wild ride.

Case in point, sleeping.

How did our little five month old figure out exactly where daddy’s kidney is, and roundhouse kick it every time he flipped over? Or decide that the very best place for his head is on mommy’s tummy? I haven’t had this much pressure on my bladder since he was in the womb!

But…oh…the snuggles. Waking up to a smiling baby face whispering “mama” and “dada”, seeking endless kisses. A silky soft hand reaching out in the night to gently stroke your arm and make sure you’re close by. It makes restless sleep seem almost desirable.

Then there are moments of horror. Like the time you didn’t realize your infant son was old enough to know about Superman, until he takes a flying leap straight off the changing table and miraculously lands in a pile of dirty laundry (sometimes it’s good to get behind on housework).

For me personally, the hardest part about being a parent is the pressure for perfection; and it’s mostly pressure I put on myself. I have so many grand ideas of what kind of parent I will be, and the Pinterest boards to back them up, but the reality so often falls short.

I want to raise kind, compassionate kids. Yet I often find myself being selfish and impatient. I want kids who know how to put their toys away, but my dirty clothes live a lot longer on the floor than they ever do in the hamper.

Well guess what? I am TIRED of beating myself up emotionally. I’ve finally accepted the truth.


It’s important to recognize shortcomings, and seek to improve in those areas. But it’s equally important to celebrate the reasons I ROCK at mommyhood.

I now do an inner touchdown dance when my baby giggles in delight to see me after a nap. It means I’m a good mom, and he wants me to know it. I mentally pat myself on the back for rescuing him from the 2 inch splinter that he was a split second from sticking in his mouth. And I congratulate myself for finally getting his pants on, after he removed both of his legs a total of 23 times. Yes, I counted.

This whole parenting gig is brand new to me, and I now owe about a zillion apologies to parents I mentally criticized in my LBC (Life Before Children) days. I’ve made pretty much every mistake in the books, and my son is only eight months old! Raising kids is hard, but it’s also the most amazing job in the world.

So come on, let’s celebrate! What parenting victories have you experienced lately?

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2 thoughts on “Could I Be the Next Verity Mom?”

  1. I have been a member of Verity before it was Verity. I love them. All my accounts are with them and I have never had issues or if I did, they were fixed right away. I can’t say enough good about them. They are working with me right now because of being on furlough and that just makes me “love” them more!

    • That is so wonderful Tonja! I have heard nothing but great things about them and know they’ll be a much better experience than we’ve been having with our old mega bank.


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