Cute Kiwi Turtles Kid Snack

These cute kiwi turtles are an easy kid snack ready in just five minutes.

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and I am apparently obsessed with it this year because I am all about the green food. We have gone through about 20 pounds of kiwis, grapes, avocados, and spinach in the last week! These little kiwi turtles are one of Corban’s favorite snacks, and I love that they take me less than five minutes to make. Right now, with taking care of a one month old and a two year old, quick recipes are exactly what I need to be making and blogging.

You do need a little bit of knife work to make the turtles, but don’t worry. Peeling kiwis is ridiculously easy with this tip. Check out the short video below where I teach Corban how to peel a kiwi.




See? Ridiculously easy right?

Well it’s just as easy to make those turtles. I promise. And your kids will LOVE them.

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These cute kiwi turtles are an easy kid snack ready in just five minutes.

Yield: 4 turtles

Cute Kiwi Turtles Kid Snack

Cute Kiwi Turtles Kid Snack

Kiwis are full of fiber and vitamin C, but some kids don’t like them because they’re green. Fortunately, these kiwi turtles are too cute to resist. This recipe makes four little turtles, and my two year old gobbles up all four, but you could definitely split them between multiple children.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • 1 kiwi
  • 9 green grapes


  1. Peel your kiwi. I slice off the two ends (about 1/2 an inch for each end), then use a large dinner spoon inserted between the peel and flesh to scoop the fruit from the peel.
  2. Slice the kiwi into four rounds.
  3. Lay each round flat and place a grape at one end of each piece for the head.
  4. Cut four grapes into quarters and use them for feet on each turtle.
  5. Cut the last grape into slivers for a tail for each turtle.


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