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HDDSLR Filmmaking Workshop with Gale Tattersall Day #1


Eric and I are up in Seattle all weekend at the awesome creativeLIVE HDDSLR Filmmamking workshop with Gale Tattersall, the Director of Photography for House MD.  There were about 18 cameras being used at once during the hands on portion of the day but I tried to unobtrusively get some shots in.  Above is Gale adjusting the settings on one of the cameras before handing it off to Chuck, one of the students.  In the background are Michael and Monica using another 5D Mark II.  It’s been really exciting seeing what our camera can pull off.  If you want to watch the live stream it’s totally free, love creativeLIVE!  I’ll be posting my favorite photos each night on Dianasaur Dishes. creativelive-monica

This is the adorable Monica who was nervous to be out from behind the camera but did fantastic.  The lighting in the studio was STUNNING!


Jenny (from Dublin) is using the Glide Cam 2000 which was crazy heavy.  My hand was shaking so bad but the thing really works because when we watched the footage afterward it was a ton smoother than I was expecting.


The hands on portion was definitely the most fun as you can tell by this glimpse of Eric’s gleeful expression.  creativelive-gale-talking

Gale is a lovely man who is happy to answer any question and so encouraging and positive that we didn’t even really feel intimidated having him watch us film.  I can tell he really loves to teach.

creativelive-steven-filmingThis is my absolute favorite shot of the day.  It’s such a great feel of old and new mixed together.  That’s Steven Perry, Gale’s assistant setting up the camera.  He’s incredibly knowledgeable and Eric immediately felt a tech geek affinity with him.  He’s passionate about photography and filmmaking and I know we’ll be hearing his name more and more.

Eric and I really want to start doing more videos on the blog and this workshop is a great opportunity to fan that flame of desire into a reality.  There are so many great farmers and producers in our area whose stories are just waiting to be captured on video.  In fact we’re even working on getting our own stories on video to have when we switch over to the new site!

So if you’re at all interested in filmmaking and want a behind the scenes look at our weekend, keep checking in each night.  Otherwise, come back Monday for my sweet and spicy pickled asparagus recipe!

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  1. Thanks to share this event !
    I’m watching the record (coz I’m in the other side of the Atlantic) and I like it !!!!

    Have fun !


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