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Filter Cooking Oil

Used cooking oil seems like a waste to throw away.  I don’t deep fry very often (like a few times a year!) , but when I do I just can’t toss out a pot full of oil that I just used once.  A year ago I decided to try filtering it, and now I do that often.  I filter my oil twice, so I get three uses out of it instead of one!

Every once in a while we get a craving for wontons or eggrolls and out comes the huge jug of vegetable oil.  When I’m done, and the oil cools, it’s time to filter it for next time.  If you’d like to do the same, simply line some kind of strainer with a paper towel.  I like to use our big stock separator because the strainer  fits perfectly in the pitcher and the pitcher makes it easy to pour the oil carefully.

Pour the oil into the strainer in small batches so you don’t overflow above the paper towel.  Once it’s all strained, throw away the paper towel and pour the oil into a bottle or jar with a lid.  It’s that easy!

This is one of many ways I save money in the kitchen, what’s your money saving secret?

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6 thoughts on “Filter Cooking Oil”

  1. I use peanut oil almost exclusively for frying. Its got a much higher tolerance for heat than any of the vegetable oils do. If find that canola, sunflower or corn oils all denature somewhat after I’ve fried the first time round, so even after filtering (I use cheap coffee filters!), the oil isn’t quite right. With the peanut oil, I can usually get about 4 uses out of it.


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