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Foodbuzz Blogger Festival in San Francisco

Diana excited

Here’s a quick look in pictures at getting to the Foodbuzz Food Blogger Festival in San Francisco.  Can you tell I was excited?  That was 5am!

towncar international

A towncar picked me up and took me to the airport, then (after an unfortunate delay of my flight) another one picked me up at the airport.  Yep, I had someone holding a sign with my name on it.  So cool!

hotel vitale bed

I got in my hotel room and loved how simple yet elegant the Hotel Vitale is.

hotel vitale work desk

I have a lovely little work area that I’m typing at right now!

Hotel Vitale minibar tray

I was starving and got really excited when I saw this little tray of goodies, thought it was some kind of gift basket.  Glad I looked closer as it was really an extension of the minibar!  I don’t need a $5 granola bar, thanks.  So I went to get lunch.

Americano restaurant

I went down to the Americano restaurant in my hotel.  I LOVE their bright green chairs.  Just the decor made me feel like I’d enjoy the food.  According to the hotel, Americano serves modern Italian cuisine prepared by Executive Chef Paul Arenstam with fresh ingredients from the local Farmers’ Market.

Americano ceiling art

I thought it was hilarious that they have paintings of people lying on beds hanging on the ceiling!

Americano restaurant view

My view was very peaceful, it felt like a combination of my two homes, Hawaii and Washington.  There were palm trees and gray skies!

Americano Prawn Bruschetta blog size

My lunch was a bruschetta, Pacific prawns with romesco al forno.  Romesco is a spicysauce typically with roasted nuts, dried peppers and sometimes tomatoes.  Al forno means “from the oven”.  It was the perfect size for lunch and an incredible balance of flavors and textures.  The romesco was so spicy but with a great acidity that kept it from being overwhelming.  Combined with sweet prawns cooked to perfection and on top of a crispy baguette slice, I thoroughly enjoyed every bite.

Diana lounging

Waiting for the even to start, I lounge by the window enjoying the view and sipping my complimentary mineral water.  Ahh, this is the life, all I need is my husband, who I miss already!  Don’t worry, I’ll share lots about the festival in my next post!

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