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Happy Birthday to Me!

That’s right, it’s my birthday today. I’m only two years away from the big 30. It’s not really a special day, I doing things on different days with Eric and family members, so today’s just a work day basically. Don’t worry, I’m not missing out. We’ve celebrated early several times. In December Eric took me to see Seven Brides for Seven Brothers as an early b-day gift. It was wonderful!

On Saturday he took me to Gameworks. It was so much fun! We played two hours of video games non-stop. I like shooting games the best, my arms are still sore because that’s pretty much what we played. Sorry the photos are so dark but I was afraid to use flash because I wasn’t sure if pictures were allowed. Here I am playing Rambo. It had the coolest gun.

It was so cute when we walked by it later and two boys about 5 or 6 years old were playing it and yelling, “We’re superheroes!” Our favorite game was definitely House of the Dead 4. I prefer to kill dinosaurs or zombies in videogames because I don’t feel that twinge of guilt about shooting people. We killed every last zombie and beat the game. It was awesome! That night we watched Eagle Eye at the $2 theater. If you plan on seeing it skip to the next paragraph, SPOILERS! We liked the movie until we realized it was all the computer. Then it just got too ridiculous. It really made us think about Portal (a video game where the computer is trying to kill you and bribe you to surrender with cake) and we were singing Still Alive on the way home.

Sunday night we joined my family for dinner at Applebees and cake at their house. It was my brother’s 21st birthday so we ate in the bar. He’s autistic and has epilepsy so he can’t drink alcohol, he was just excited to be allowed to eat in the bar! Yesterday we went to Eric’s parents to celebrate with his family. His mom cooked me lobster becaues I’ve never had it before. What a treat! I’ll post more on that soon. All in all, 28 is starting out great!

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  1. Happy birthday!

    I am so digging on your foodie posts — the photography is awesome, and I can’t wait to give the pumpkin bars a try!

  2. Happy belated birthday! Thanks for the comment about Kilauea lighthouse (I almost missed that one). Island girl huh? No wonder I took a liking to your blog when I was going through the Foodbuzz feeds. The site loads somewhat slow for me, so it isn’t always with much success that I can navigate my way around there.

    Here’s to another year of much fun and food!


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