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Homemade Meatballs Baked in the Oven

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Not only are these homemade meatballs baked in the oven, they also contain a secret serving of veggies from a surprising source. But your kids will never know the difference!

Homemade Meatballs with Mushrooms


Cremini Mushrooms

Cremini mushrooms are one of my favorite ways to add bulk to ground meat dishes. With their earthy flavor, and meaty texture, they can blend easily into your favorite ground meat for all sorts of recipes. Like these homemade meatballs!

I’ve been blending mushrooms into meat for years, so it was an easy choice for me to take the Blenditarian Pledge. I’m a Blenditarian because I love how easy it makes adding veggies to my family’s meals!

The Blenditarian Pledge is simply choosing to integrate more mushrooms into your favorite ground meat dishes, for better flavor, better health, and better sustainability.

Mushrooms are fat-free, cholesterol free, low in calories, and provide important nutrients like vitamin D, B vitamins, antioxidants and potassium. They’re also low in sodium and rich in umami (the “fifth” taste), meaning enhanced flavor without adding loads of salt.

Cremini Mushrooms in Food Processor

When you chop the mushrooms up to the same texture as your meat , no one even realizes they’re getting these added nutrients. Of course, this also stretches your food budget, since you can make MORE homemade meatballs without needing extra meat. A food processor is the easiest way to chop the mushrooms, but you could do it by hand as well.

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Homemade Meatballs with Mushrooms

These homemade meatballs are wonderfully juicy, flavorful, and easy to make. The recipe makes 30-35 meatballs, so you can freeze a big batch to use whenever you need a quick meal. They’re perfect in any crockpot meatball recipe. My kids love them with barbecue sauce.

Homemade Meatballs Spaghetti

But our family favorite is heating the homemade meatballs in some spaghetti sauce, and serving them over spaghetti noodles.

These homemade meatballs are also gluten free, Paleo, and Whole 30 approved. You can serve them over spaghetti squash or zucchini noodles if you’re avoiding gluten.

Homemade Meatballs with Mushrooms

What’s your favorite way to use frozen meatballs?



Homemade Meatballs Spaghetti

Looking for more meatball recipes? Try our Chinese Meatball Recipe!

Yield: 30 meatballs

Homemade Meatballs with Mushrooms

Homemade Meatballs Spaghetti

Not only are these homemade meatballs baked in the oven, they also contain a secret serving of veggies from mushrooms! But your kids will never know the difference.

Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


  1. Preheat the oven to 350F, and spray a large rimmed baking sheet with cooking spray.
  2. Clean any dirt off the mushrooms by brushing gently with a paper towel.
  3. Place mushrooms in the bowl of a food processor and chop very finely until almost a paste. Cremini Mushrooms in Food Processor
  4. Place chopped mushrooms, beef, eggs, almond flour, coconut aminos (or soy sauce), Italian seasoning, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and pepper into a large bowl. Ingredients for Homemade Meatballs
  5. Mix everything together well using a spatula or clean and dry hands, then form into 40 meatballs about 1 inch in diameter and line up on baking sheet. Mix for Homemade Meatballs
  6. Bake for 13-15 minutes at 350F. The center of the meatballs should be at 160F when tested with a meat thermometer. Homemade Meatballs with Mushrooms
  7. Now you can use the meatballs in your favorite recipes, or freeze them and bag them to use in the future.


Nutrition estimates are per meatball. We typically have 4 meatballs as a serving.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:

30 meatballs

Amount Per Serving: Calories: 39Cholesterol: 20mgSodium: 103mgCarbohydrates: 1gProtein: 4g

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  1. When it comes to yummy veggies I’m all about the mushrooms! I love that you’ve incorporated them into this flavorful homemade meatballs recipe. I cannot wait to make this for my family!

  2. I had some burgers that were bulked out with courgette & carrots the other day. They were so succulent and packed with flavour, so I just know these meatballs will be the same. I really cannot wait to sink my teeth into some of these beauties.


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