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I’m a Prosciutto newbie!

I’ve heard of prosciutto, and even know how to pronounce it thanks to the Foodnetwork, but I’ve never tried it before. I realize one reason is because it’s pork, which I’m allergic to. I can eat a little once or twice a week and be okay, but I don’t cook with it very often. But I saw it on sale the other day and decided to get some.

I have a few ideas of how to use it. So far I haven’t tested any of them on Eric yet, just myself. Here’s one I really liked and it only took 5 minutes to make.

Prosciutto Goat Cheese and Sundried Tomato Quesadilla
serves 1

1 flour tortilla
2 TBS goat cheese
1 piece prosciutto torn
2 TBS sundried tomato spread


Spread one half of the tortilla with the sundried tomatoes. Sprinkle the other half with the cheese and prosciutto. Fold the tomato side over. toast in a pan for 2 minutes on each side. Cut into triangles.

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0 thoughts on “I’m a Prosciutto newbie!”

  1. You should check out the Everyday Italian recipes on Foodnetwork.com. She uses it all the time, and the recipes look good. I am just wary because I really dislike bacon in my food! Although who knows I might like it without the smoked flavor.

  2. Mmmm… these sound fantastic! You have so many creative recipes, and they all sounds so good ๐Ÿ™‚

    I would love to write about your quesadillas on our blog! If you are interested send me an email at haley@keyingredient.com

    Haley, KI Blogger

  3. That’s a good idea Sundancer, also I know you like salty so you might like the prosciutto. Maybe I’ll make you something to try it in ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks Haley, that’s sweet. You’re welcome 5 star!


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