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Morgan Spurlock at International Food Bloggers Conference 2010

It’s that time of year again! This weekend is the second International Food Blogger’s Conference here in Seattle. IFBC is put on by Foodista.   When I attended last year’s IFBC I was relatively new to food blogging, and just figuring out that I was making a difference through my blog. It was my first time meeting some of my food blogging heroes like Jaden and Elise, and I can’t even count the number of great things that came out of the IFBC experience both personally and professionally.

The conference kicked off Friday evening with a reception at the Hotel Monaco. It was a gorgeous location with a comfortable lobby I spent 3 hours in before the conference! I had a YMCA training just two blocks away during the day and it just didn’t make sense to drive 45 minutes home just to turn around and come back an hour or two later. Hanging out in a hotel lobby can be a lot of fun for people watchers like me. One of the first questions many guests asked was “Where’s the nearest Starbucks?”

The reception featured Morgan Spurlock of Super Size Me fame as the guest speaker. I was a little behind the times and didn’t see Super Size Me until it had been out a couple years. One of the things I remember most is the “brain cookies” he got from the fast food,and how that made him feel like he needed fast food even if it made him sick after eating it! I was also struck by how shocked the health professionals involved were at the rapid decrease in health he experienced during the experiment.

All in all, it was a pretty drastic and risky experiment that paid off in the lives of a lot of people whose eyes were opened to the dangers of fast food. I know so many people who have changed their fast food eating habits after seeing it. If you know any of my story, you know that I lived for over a year off of the dollar menu because I thought I couldn’t afford anything else. I’m so thankful I learned better 8 years ago before it drastically affected my health!

Morgan’s interview was pretty inspiring.  I got a great video clip that I’ll have to post up when I have time after the weekend, but he basically challenged food bloggers to stop just preaching to the choir and start getting out into the community to create the change they want to see.  With everything he said, I felt myself sitting up straighter thinking “I do that!”  It was so encouraging and affirming, and I even got a chance to share a taste of what I’m doing in front of everyone!  I got to meet him immediately after and left with my spirits soaring being reminded that I’m already making a difference.

Morgan Spurlock at IFBC 2010 from Diana Johnson on Vimeo.

Okay, confession time. Yes I’m getting to hang out with a bunch of cool people as passionate about food as I am, and yes I get to hear AMAZING speakers and experts in the food world share their secrets and inspire us, but want to know what I’m I’m also selfishly excited about? The gift bag! Last year I shared a ticket with someone and we split the awesome assortment of gifts from Sur La Table. This year, it’s mine, all mine!!!

Okay, wait, let me be realistic. I did give some items from last year’s bag away to friends and family. I plan to do the same thing this year, and even have some giveaways for YOU, my wonderful readers! But for someone who loves to cook, loves kitchen gadgets, and can’t afford much more than a fancy silicone whisk, it’s such a treat to have a bag of food and kitchen items handed to me.  I briefly looked through it last night, and I already picked out some items that I’m looking forward to giving away at free cooking classes as well.

Don’t know how soon I’ll be able to post the highlights of today’s session, but if you want real time updates be sure to check out the Twitter feed using #IFBC.

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