Judge our Gingerbread House Competition!!!

On Saturday, Eric and I got together with his sister Heather and her boyfriend John, and Eric’s parents, Jeff and Patti, to have a couple’s gingerbread house contest. It was a lot of fun, and we decided it would be great to have a bunch of unbiased people be our judges. So I came up with the brilliant idea of posting the pictures on my blog and letting my fellow foodies vote on them. I’m posting an overall shot of each house along with some up close detail photos.

Please leave a comment with which gingerbread house you think should win (A, B, of C) and why you chose it. On Wednesday December 10th I’ll tally the comments and declare who you chose as winner! (Eric, Heather, John, Mom and Dad, you don’t get to vote!)

A. Christmas Chalet

Chewing Gum Roof Shingles

Gum Wrapper French Doors

Graham Cracker Wheelchair Ramp

B. Country Chapel

Melted Hard Candy Stained Glass Windows

Slivered Almond Roof Shingles

Gumdrop Lamps and Hard Candy Gravel Path

C. Candy Cottage

Marshmellow Snowman

Neco Wafer Roof Shingles

Jelly Bean and Gumdrop Path

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