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KitchenAid Professional Mixer $200 off!!!

I love my kitchen aid, if you don’t have one yet get yours here through Amazon! This is an INCREDIBLE deal. Ladies, send your husband here for your Christmas gift 🙂 I don’t normally do a product post like this, but I really wanted to share this deal with you. Hope you all have a safe Black Friday tomorrow.

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3 thoughts on “KitchenAid Professional Mixer $200 off!!!”

  1. Just curious – I keep seeing references to Black Friday celebrations. Here in New Zealand Black Fridays are generally any Friday 13th (in a superstitious context) and we don’t celebrate them, so I was wondering what your Black Fridays are.

  2. Great question Lynne, I can see why all our Black Friday references would be confusing! In America it’s the day after Thanksgiving when everyone rushes the stores to start their Christmas shopping. According to wikipedia the term started because police officers called the Friday after Thanksgiving “Black Friday” because of all the traffic jams and mobs of people and they hated it. To take away the negative conotation, retailers started saying it means it’s the day they start being “in the black” or actually making profits since financial losses are often written in red ink. So next year if you want to find some great deals for Christmas, you can shop for Black Friday online deals. That’s the only way Eric and I do Black Friday as we’re not crowd people.


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