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Love Story Series #1


The Love Story Series is my journal of the events that led to Eric and I falling in love.  You can find all the Love Story chapters here.

I lay shivering on the cold, hard, paper lined medical table. Red hot needles of pain raced all over my body, but I refused to let the agonizing screams inside my head escape through my lips. The hospital gown, such a thin cotton that it can never really achieve the sense of modesty it’s supposed to provide, was sticking to my wounds. Miles and miles of wounds it seemed, covering almost half of my body.

A soft white blanket, surprisingly comfortable for such an antiseptic treatment room, was draped over my body to provide a shield against the frigid air blasting from a ceiling vent.

“I’m sorry, but this is really going to hurt.” The ER nurse walked purposefully toward me holding a tray filled with instruments of torture that were disguised as medical equipment.

The man standing next to me, the man I barely knew, grabbed my hand in an act of comfort.

I always thought that the first time you hold hands with someone it was supposed to be gentle, sweet and exciting like puppies and butterflies. But the only butterflies taking flight in my stomach were ones of fearful anticipation for the torment I was about to face.

As I fought to keep my consciousness, choking down waves of nausea, I thought to myself, “What kind of a first date is this?”. I struggled to keep down the hysterical laughter I felt rising inside me and decided that at least, if we ended up getting married one day, we’d have a great beginning to our love story.

But really, the story began long before the day of this fateful accident. In fact, it was years in the making. Perhaps I should go back and start at the beginning. The day that a young woman who was certain she would never get married began the incredible journey that led to the love of a lifetime.

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