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Mt. Rainier Anniversary and How to Make Dessert Campfire Packets

Can you believe this GORGEOUS dessert was made at our campground out of a cooler and in a campfire?  I know, sometimes I amaze even myself!  Cooking the strawberries and nectarines directly in the campfire gives a smoky earthy quality to a dessert that somehow makes you feel as though you’re one with nature.  But before I tell you all the tasty details, let me share some of our week long camping trip with you.

Every anniversary Eric and I head out to Mt. Rainier, my favorite place on earth.  I’ve been to a lot of beautiful places, even grown up in Hawaii, but something about Mt. Rainier always calls me when I’m away.  Once I’m there, my soul is somehow soothed.  I feel closer to God, to nature and to whoever I’m with.  That makes a perfect location for a romantic getaway.

On our first two anniversaries we stayed in a cabin just outside the park, this year stayed at Cougar Rock campground which meant we could afford a whole week away!  Our station wagon was packed out to the ceiling with gear, two coolers of food and lots of firewood.

I had planned to play a bunch of new recipes from different food magazines, but a last minute emergency led to almost no packing time before we had to go so I just made up a menu that I knew I could easily make and threw everything in the car.  We made it into our site at 11:30 pm!

On our first day we planned to just relax and settle in but found we were both eager to hike and decided to just do a nice easy stroll to Comet Falls.  The hike took us across the Nisqually River which you can see (a few photos above) is mostly dried up right now.  Once we got to Comet Falls, we decided why turn back now and continued on to Narada Falls.

Neither of us had ever seen the Falls from this angle before even though we have over 50 visits to Rainier between the two of us.  The power of Narada Falls is felt from hundreds of feet away as the spray hits your body in the definition of refreshing.  As we surveyed its majesty we were joined be people from all walks of life; disabled youth, retired couples on vacation, children on their first hike and Hindu monks.  No matter what our background, we all stood in awe of the Falls.

All in all we hiked 9 miles after planning to do 3.  When we got back we had some steak and corn, then grilled some chicken for a future meal.  After dinner it was time for dessert and I was so excited to test out my idea for a campfire dessert recipe.

I’d made campfire packets before with meat, potatoes and vegetables.  The key is to wrap your packets tightly to keep the steam and juices inside, and place them in the coals on the edges of the fire rather than directly in the flames.  The whole dessert took about 20 minutes to prepare, but can go faster if you cut your fruit up before you pack it.

Also, make sure you keep an eye on your angel food cake when you’re camping.  These Stellar’s Jays along with the chipmunks and squirrels seemed to know that our campsite had the best food.  They were hanging around every meal hoping we’d leave something unattended, but we know better!

If you have a craving for this flame toasted angel food cake with sweet and smoky fruit but aren’t going camping anytime soon, you can make it just as easily on the grill.  Place your foil packets of fruit on the grill or directly on the coals for faster cooking.

More posts are on their way with easy camping recipes and lots of photos from our amazing trip.

Fire Roasted Strawberry and Nectarines Over Angel Food Cake

serves 2


15 strawberries
1 Nectarine
1 TBS lemon juice
1/2-1 tsp sugar
1 large slice of angel food cake
3 TBS creme fraiche
(optional) 2 sprigs mint


Hull the strawberries and slice thinly.  Chop the nectarine (discarding the pit) and mix with strawberries, lemon juice and sugar to taste.

Tightly wrap half of the fruit mixture into a piece of foil and repeat with the other half.  Place foil packets on edges of campfire in coals.

After 5 minutes flip packets over and begin toasting angel food cake by holding it over fire on the end of a long stick or skewer.

When cake is toasted slice or tear it in half and place on plates.  Use tongs to remove packets from fire and carefully open them (watch out for steam!).  Pour fruit over the angel food cake.  Top each dessert with creme fraiche and mint if desired.

Approximate cost/serving:  If you get strawberries when they’re in season then this already affordable healthy dessert is really cheap!  a $3 angel food cake can make 12 slices, so it came out to just about 55 cents a serving!

Vegetarian/Gluten Free: Totally vegetarian, to make this gluten free bake your own gluten free angel food cake.

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