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My birthday dinner

Yes my birthday was in January, but with my computer dying I wasn’t able to access my pictures on it. When I last talked with Eric about it he said he’d transferred everything except the pictures to the “new” laptop (new meaning he rebuilt it from two broken ones). I didn’t want to bug him about it so I waited two months to ask him about my pictures, it turns out he had transferred those over right after everything else so I waited two months for nothing! Ah well, here’s the wonderful dinner we had with his family.

Here’s Eric’s WONDERFUL parents Jeff and Patti. These are the kind of in laws that you only dream about. The funny story behind my dinner is that usually Jeff takes us all out for dinner for someones birthday. Last year he found out I’d never had lobster and so took us to a place with lobster. Unfortunately the wait was so long that we ended up going to our favorite Greek restaurant instead. Well I’ve had lobster on the brain ever since! I really thought it’s ridiculously expensive in restaurants and so was thinking maybe Patti would be willing to cook it at their home, but I was too much of a chicken to ask. So at church the week before Eric sent them away and told them what I wanted, they laughed and said that “She’s family! She can ask for anything!” It was very sweet. So for my birthday I got a delicious meal with a main course of lobster.

We started with a nice coleslaw salad. I honestly wasn’t sure I would like it because I tend to feel icky if I eat very much mayonnaise, but hers was light and delicious. I seem to remember I even ate some of Eric’s!

Next was our main course, steamed carrots, rice and a plump juicy lobster tail. Yum! We all ate our lobster tail very fast so she invited me into the kitchen to see how she prepared them. I wish I got pictures but I was just excited about getting more lobster. It’s been a couple months but as I remember it she had a large pot filled with a couple inches of water and some herbs and spices in the water to add flavor. What I can’t remember is if there was a steaming basket or anything like that. I’m going to e-mail this post to her so she can correct me!

The lobster was delicious, I was impressed by how sweet it is. Everyone was eating theirs by dipping the whole tail in the butter with their hands and teasing me for cutting off small pieces and dipping them with my fork. I explained that by doing it that way I got more butter in every bite! The coolest was our pile of lobster carcasses, it looked like something out of an alien movie.

Next we did presents and my outdoor gear is now pretty much complete! Heather and her boyfriend Jolly got me a gift card to REI (always a great gift) which meant we could finally afford to get me the new hiking boots I desperately needed. Eric’s parents got me an amazing sleeping mat that’s so light for backpacking but takes in air when you unroll it to be nice and comfy, as well as some smartwool socks and sock liners.

After presents we had dessert and coffee (decaf!). The dessert was Key Lime Pie, one of my favorites. It was so good, she used crushed up gingerbread in the crust and it really added something special. I hope to make a Key Lime Pie soon using my Chocolate Haupia Pie Crust. I’ll let you know when I do.

All in all it was a wonderful evening with family and an incredible meal and I am so thankful for the great memories. Love you guys!

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  1. Happy birthday, Dianasaur! Looks like it was a lovely meal – I adore key lime pie, too! 🙂 (I’m a Floridian so it must be in my blood.)


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